Sunrise's Swansong

Deer Formosan_sika_deer


White tailed deer have been a source of food since men first appeared in New England.  At one point they were so heavily hunted that they became few and far between, and laws were put into place to regulate the hunt.  Not that hungry people always obeyed the law. Here in Southern New Hampshire, during the Great Depression, an illegally hunted deer was called a “jacked deer,” and a carcass hung in the cooler of the local market, for families who could not afford beef.

Times are different, and while deer are still fairly scarce and wary here, because they are hunted, down in the suburbs of Boston they are a nuisance and a problem, because, ever since Walt Disney produced the movie “Bambi,” the idea of deer as food has been repulsive to many.  In actual fact it is very good food, and contains…

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